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My name is Christina Crisafulli. I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, but have lived in Vienna since I was a child. My multicultural background not only gave me the ability to speak several languages fluently, it also awakened my interest in countries and cultures at a very early age, bringing me into the tourist industry right after finishing school.

After completing a three year education at a travel agency, where I became familiar with all areas of the sector, I took classes to become a licensed city. In 1986 I took the exam to obtain my licence. Since then I have been working as a ofical guide in Vienna and Austria.

My intercultural competence and the knowledge of Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, and English enable me soon to work as tourleader. The spectrum of my activityas international guide,goes from city culture visits, to incentive programmes and congresses, besides culture & nature journeys, as well as hiking adventure and trekking tours.




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